Central Dust Collector

  • 5000 CFM Dust Collector
  • 12″ ducting line
  • Silo Mounted for ease of portability
  • Hardwired into plant Logic
  • Returns dust to the next load.
  • Additional Fill Pipes

    • Standard 4″ fill pipes can upgrade to 5″
    • Duel fill pipes and duel silo top dust collectors

    Electric Power Pack

    Designed to use valves and quick couplings to make changing from diesel power to electric as simple as closing and opening a couple of valves.

    • 100hp electric motor, Weg TEFC high efficiency motor
    • 180cc hydraulic pump.
    • G.E. size 4 control panel, complete with all motor controls.
    • 440v transformer, for 110v or 220v power supply.
    • 12v dc power inverter, for plant power supply.

    Ladder System

    • Ladder system for maintenance of silo tops.

    Low Level Bindicator

    Split Silo

    Silo Leveling Cylinders

    Moisture Probe

    Scale Feeder Conveyor

    Pinch Valves